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Kindred Spirit

Rosé Bubbles

We’ve heard Sparkling Rose described as happiness in a glass. Bubbles make everything better. Bursting berries and fizzy red fruits. By the glass, any time you desire. Get happy!

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When/why/where do we crave Rose? More often than not, Rose is in cahoots with good times, good friends and warm sunshine. Wild strawberries and watermelon with a refreshing squeeze of lime on the finish. Shimmering pink, like sunset in a glass. Drink it in.

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The Day­dreamer

Sauvignon Blanc

Remember vacation? That feeling that washes over you on the 2nd or 3rd day? Base tan (you look good). Sandy toes & ocean breeze. Itsa vibe.  Explosive aromatics – white flowers. Tropical fruits laced with lemons and limes.

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The Luminary


Fresh cut apples and pears, dipped in lemon curd and draped around a mineral spine. Pure and serene. Taste what Napa Valley Chardonnay can be without the butter and oak.

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The Wild One

Light Red Wine

We all have that friend who runs just a bit close to the edge. Devil-may-care attitude. Not too serious. Lotsa fun. Bright cranberry and pomegranate with an herbal backbeat. Smashable. Gluggable. Lovable. All the ables… Chill it and kill it.

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Everyday Hero

Red Wine Blend

Sometimes there is nothing better than slipping into a glass of smooooth red wine. The first sip hits just right, comfort for the soul. Dark fruited with a velvety texture, but at 13% alcohol, this blend of Tempranillo/Mourvedre won’t weigh you down or have you looking for post meal nap.

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The Racon­teur

Pinot Noir

The Sonoma Coast is home to some of America’s best Pinot Noirs. Cooling Pacific breezes funnel through the Petaluma Gap, resulting in wines of class and grace. Silky, lush fruit and spiced tea. Chocolate covered cherries. A little-black-dress of a wine.

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Groove Wines Mixed Six

A perfect introduction to Groove. DIY wine tasting. Speed dating, with wine! Call it whatever you want. Six different wines – delivered to your door. Make it a 12-pack and invite some friends. Find your Groove(s).

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Groove Gift Card Canva Nate


Groove Wines Gift Card

You want to give a thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank. We all like gifts that aren’t the usual riffraff destined for the re-gift pile in the closet. This is one of those rare “Win-Win” situations. You don’t even have to find your keys to go shopping. Click. Click. BOOM!

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Groove Wines believes that alcohol should be enjoyed responsibly at all times.
Never drink and drive. Have a designated driver. Do not drink on an empty stomach.