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Let's Have Some Fun Choosing Wine

What really matters is how you like to enjoy wine, not how someone else thinks you are supposed to do it. So…how do you like your wine?

Let's Go!

When do you most often drink wine?

On its own, aperitif style.

Usually with a meal.

I don't discriminate - pour me a glass!

Do you have a wine preference?




Do you like Rosé and/or Sparkling?



Pink & Bubbs Forever!

How do you like your chilled wines?

Clean, mineral, citrus.

Rich and opulent.

Chardonnay, Baby!

Sauv Blanc or Bust!

Don't drink 'em (I already told you that).

How do you like your reds?

Fruit forward and juicy.

Silky and elegant.

Dark, mysterious and interesting.

Big, bold and glass staining.

Don't drink reds (c'mon man).

Are you a specific type of eater?

Lotsa meats.

Seafood heavy.


Pasta & Pizza.

Bread & Cheese.


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Groove Wines believes that alcohol should be enjoyed responsibly at all times.
Never drink and drive. Have a designated driver. Do not drink on an empty stomach.