Foolproof Thanksgiving

Here is a menu and all the recipes you need to produce a delicious, classic meal.

Responsible for Thanksgiving dinner? Prefer minimizing time and energy so you can enjoy yourself?


Here are a few of our tried and true, classic Thanksgiving Day recipes.

It’s a long day, so don’t forget to treat yourself to a glass of chilled Kindred Spirit Rosé Bubbles along the way.

Roast Turkey & Gravy

By J. Kenji López-Alt | Serious Eats

Spatchcock it. Always.
Cooks faster and more evenly. There is no tradeoff – it’s just better and easier. I could write all about it, but who is better than Kenji and his Spatchcock Turkey Recipe?

Stuffing (Dressing)

Feeds 8-12
1 loaf Challah bread (if no Challah, whatever you prefer. Corn bread is also delicious)
3-5 Celery Ribs
1 yellow onion
1 cup dried cherries (can sub cranberries or omit)
Fresh Parsley (handful)
A few sprigs of fresh Sage, Thyme (yes, dried will work – just use less)
2-3 Cups (give or take) Turkey or chicken stock (homemade vastly superior)
Butter and/or olive oil
NOTE: ADD ONS (See Below)

Cut bread into 1 inch cubes and let sit out overnight on sheet pan to dry.
Chop celery, onion, cherries, parsley and herbs
In large pan, saute celery and onion in butter or olive oil until soft.
Add cubed bread to pan, mix with celery/onion and saute for a few minutes.
Add stock until mixture is moist.
Less Moisture = looser texture, More Moisture = denser texture
Add cherries, herbs, salt and pepper. Taste. Adjust seasoning to your preference.
Butter or oil a 13×9 baking dish.
Add stuffing, pressing down if necessary. Cover with foil. Set aside until ready to bake.

Bake at 375 for 25 minutes.
Uncover and bake at 425 until top is nice and crispy, around 20 minutes.
(Switch to low broil if you want to speed up the last step – keep an eye on it though)

NOTE: Peeps, this is stuffing, you can add or takeaway whatever you want. Some folks like to add crumbly sausage. If you make cornbread stuffing (highly recommended), then toss in a roasted & chopped Poblano pepper. Get freaky, and don’t stress.

OH-Face Mashed Potatoes

Chances are, you’ve had good/decent/bad mashed potatoes. Method matters, and you do not have to use sour cream, heavy cream, tons of butter, etc. to make delicious mashers. This is the way…

Feeds 4-6
4 Large Russets
1 Cup of Whole Milk
1/2 Stick of butter (use more if you want, obvs)
Bonus ingredient – chopped, fresh chives.

Peel and cut potatoes into equal size chunks – thirds work well.
Boil in salted water until soft enough to pierce with fork – drain well.
Run through a Ricer. Yes…a Ricer.
*I loathe single use tools, but if you love mashed potatoes, make an exception*
OK…if no ricer, mash and beat with hand mixer.
Now, add milk FIRST, stir with wooden spoon to blend. Salt & Pepper.
More milk = looser, creamier. Less milk = thicker, fluffier. Adjust to your taste.
Beat (get after it) in butter 1 pat at a time with wooden spoon.
Taste. Adjust salt, butter. Fold in chives.
If needed, reheat on stove, stirring constantly so milk does not scorch.

Fresh, Snappy & Garlicky Green Beans

Beans can be poached in advance then set aside until ready to saute in garlic & oil. Feeds 4-6.

1 lb. Fresh green beans
1-3 Cloves of Garlic (how sassy are you?)
Olive Oil
Red Pepper Flakes (optional…but c’mon)

Snap off stems, if necessary.
Bring salted water to a boil in large saucepan or skillet.
Poach 3-5 minutes for al dente, longer for softer texture.
Drain and run cold water over to cool.
Set aside until ready to finish (only takes a few minutes).
When ready:
Bring skillet up to temperature.
Add copious amount of olive oil and minced garlic.
Salt and pepper/flake your oil (pro move).
Saute/toss beans in oil/garlic until warm.

Brussel Sprout Salad (Trust Me)

By Jonathan Waxman

Forget what you hate about Brussel Sprouts.
Crunchy, bright, palate cleansing.
This salad comes together in minutes and can be made ahead of time and kept cool in fridge.

Easy Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Karen Weatherwax Miles | Explore Yoga LLC

This can be made a day or three in advance and kept in the fridge.  Feeds 10+

1 12 oz bag fresh cranberries
1 cup orange juice
1 cup raw sugar

Bring all ingredients to a boil in medium saucepan, stirring until sugar dissolves.
Reduce heat to medium.
Simmer until sauce is bubbling thickly and cranberries have popped open (~10 minutes).
Cool to room temp (personal preference).
Use leftover as jam.

Homemade Stock 

If you are looking at this “recipe”, welcome to Team Homemade Stock!

Bones e.g. chicken carcass and/or meat scraps
Aromatics – onions, celery, carrots, garlic, leeks
Herbs – thyme, sage, rosemary, bay leaf

Pile bones into a stock pot.
Cover with water.
Bring to a boil, immediately turn to simmer.
Simmer for a few hours.
Covering will reduce evaporation – add more water, as needed.
If you wanna get all technical, wait until the last hour or so to add the veg, but whatevs.
Cool and strain into containers to store in freezer. (Don’t overfill glass or it will shatter)

Honestly, use whatever you have around. Yes, the aromatics help, but if you don’t have carrots or herbs or whatever…no problem.

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