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Shipping Charges

  • All Subscription pricing include ground shipping.
  • All case (24-Pack) orders include ground shipping.
  • All other orders eligible for $8 flat rate ground shipping.
  • FedEx and UPS ARE NOT GUARANTEEING delivery times on anything other than overnight service. Yes, you read this correctly. EVEN IF YOU PAY for upgraded service, the carriers do not promise to get it there in that period of time. <sighs deeply> There is nothing (at all. zero. zilch. nada) we can do about this, and it is maddening for everyone involved. This is completely out of our hands – we are sorry, but want to be completely up front about it.


We offer discounts to our subscribers on 12 packs or 24 packs on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.  When you sign up to subscribe you will receive your order within two to seven business days depending on your location in the United States. We do not ship outside of the Continental US. You will receive notifications from us via email 2 days prior to shipment.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose shipment size – 12pack or 24pack.
  2. Choose delivery frequency – monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.
  3. Click Join Now.
  4. Enter shipping and payment information.
  5. Click Complete Signup. (You choose your wines next!)
  6. Your cart auto-populates on right side of screen.
  7. Add wines you want, Remove those you don’t.
  8. Click Return to Club.

That’s it!

You’ll be notified by email prior to every shipment.

Any time you want to make changes, go to Your Profile/Club Memberships/Adjust.
Change wines. Add wines. Put shipment on hold. Cancel. No worries.

If you want to move from the 12-pack to the 24-pack (or vice versa), cancel your current club and then sign up for the other. The system manages each version independently.

Subscribers/members are eligible for shipping included on all 12+ can orders outside of their normal club orders.


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Farming and Winemaking

Our philosophy is simple: well farmed fruit, picked at optimal ripeness and acidity, and shepherded through the winery with as little intervention as possible.

Beginning 2021, all vineyards with which we are working are farmed organically.

We utilize Certified Organic yeasts and nutrients.

All of our wines are Vegan.

Host winery:

  • Works with outside environmental company to manage wastewater.
  • Electric forklifts
  • Motion-activated lights throughout facility to conserve power.
  • SOP’s in place to minimize water usage.


1 case of glass bottles can weigh between 12-30 pounds (empty).
1 case of aluminum cans weighs 1.5 pounds (empty).
1 pallet of glass bottles can weigh between 672-1,680 pounds (empty).
1 pallet of aluminum cans weight 135 pounds (empty).
This equates to less fossil fuel burn in transportation.

Aluminum is recycled at a higher rate than glass and requires a less energy intensive process to do so.

Foils on wine bottles are often made of tin, which is a conflict metal.

Shipping boxes are 100% recyclable (no Styrofoam) and smaller (less materials) than bottle shippers.

Adult Signature – COVID-19 Procedure


In an effort to deter the spread of COVID-19, UPS is temporarily modifying the practice of obtaining consignee signatures for most deliveries. The new, non-contact delivery procedure aligns with current driver release and simplified commercial delivery guidelines. This will minimize the number of direct interactions drivers have with consignees and the times a driver’s DIAD is touched by others.

When a signature is requested by the shipper, UPS drivers will validate and record the name of the recipient of the package in lieu of obtaining a signature. In addition, where an adult signature is requested by a shipper, recipients will be required to present identification with proof of age to the driver upon delivery.

This practice is currently practiced in the U.S. For the latest information with UPS to all COVID-19 please visit direct link

For information with UPS’s new procedure for Adult Signature COVID-19 updates please visit


Fed-Ex suggests the following:

“Please have your valid government-issued photo ID ready at the time of delivery. Effective 06/28/2022 FedEx will introduce scanning technology that electronically captures the recipient’s first initial, last name, and automatically verifies that age requirements are met for shipments requiring an adult signature at delivery. The software does not record or store any other personal data (e.g. driver’s license number, birthday, home address, etc.).”

For the latest information with Fed-Ex related to all COVID-19 please visit the direct link at


We are committed to providing all our customers with a good experience on our website. If you have difficulty using our site please contact us at We welcome your feedback.

Groove Wines believes that alcohol should be enjoyed responsibly at all times.
Never drink and drive. Have a designated driver. Do not drink on an empty stomach.