The perfect pairing would be a fatuous ABC (anything but chardonnay) gasbag who prattles on about how all California Chardonnay is buttery garbage. Slip this into their glass and watch them ooze into the trap—fun for the whole family! In all seriousness, this Chardonnay will appeal to many white wine lovers, as it allows the purity of fruit to shine, free of unnecessary commentary from the peanut gallery.

The Luminary

2020 Chardonnay

Fresh Orchard Breeze

Low Calories
Vegan Friendly
Low Sugar
Serve Chilled
1 ⅔ Glasses


The Orchard Vineyard is a stone’s throw from Steve Matthiasson’s Napa Valley farmhouse. Steve has been a leader in organic and regenerative farming in the Napa Valley (and beyond) for many years. Groove’s winemaker Matt Nagy and Nate (Founder) first met while working for Steve, and Nate has done a bit of farming in the Orchard vineyard.


This fruit was harvested late August/early September, barrel fermented using native yeasts, and then racked to neutral oak barrels for aging. Malolactic fermentation was blocked. Harvest sugar levels were fairly low in comparison to traditional Napa practices, around 21 Brix, which gives the resulting wine a lighter texture and a refreshing citrus backbone. Traditional apple and orchard fruit character also shine through, along with crushed rocks and lemon curd, bringing to mind a golden mountain stream. This is not your Auntie’s Chardonnay!



The Luminary


100% Chardonnay

Orchard Vineyards, Napa Valley AVA
Certified Organic CCOF

Approx 1.66 servings per container

Serving Size 143ml (5oz)
Calories 106
Alcohol 12.5%
pH 3.6
TA 6.8
Total SO2 <90ppm

Ingredient List: Organic grapes, organic yeast nutrients (Ferm Control Bio), minimal effective sulfur.

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