Nate Miles’ love of wine began with food, having spent his late 20’s and early 30’s eating and drinking through New York City’s seemingly unending cadre of delicious restaurants. This budding worldview came into full bloom whilst backpacking around the world with his new bride, Karen. After 20+ years in business, Nate found himself studying wine far more than his actual career, so why not pitch the relative safety of corporate life and start at the bottom of the winery ladder cleaning tanks and scrubbing floors? Karen and Nate moved their family back to her native California, where he started working his second harvest, which eventually led to a full-time position with the Napa Valley winery where Nate met Matt Nagy.

Matt is also a bit of a wine outsider, having worked his way around the world from Long Island to New Zealand and back to Sonoma and Napa, where he has worked alongside two of the best – Thomas Rivers Brown and Steve Matthiasson. Along the way, he started up his own label, Benevolent Neglect, through which he often urges his customers to “Drink it and like it”. Sound advice.

We are often asked, “Why cans?”. The simple answer is “Why not?”. What if everything we use came in only one size? Part of our mission at Groove is to reduce the friction associated with good wine. This can appear in different ways, many of which we simply take for granted – we are accustomed to it. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Listen, we are wine geeks. We are happy to go as far down the rabbit hole as you like. But this should be a choice, not a requirement. We want to remove the unnecessary burden that casual wine drinkers sometimes feel – I don’t know very much about wine…Is this the “right” wine. Let’s just drink and enjoy some wine and develop the freedom and curiosity to explore. And hey, if you want to geek out, we provide an off-ramp to the rabbit hole, offering complete transparency around vineyard sourcing, winemaking practices, ingredient and caloric information. And whatever else that you may find interesting – Tell us, let’s chat!!

Groove Wines believes that alcohol should be enjoyed responsibly at all times.
Never drink and drive. Have a designated driver. Do not drink on an empty stomach.